We have artists from around the world! Currently they are from: Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Venezuela, and our home country United States. 

Each order helps support the artist as we send them part of the profit! So you are not only helping us, but you are helping them! 


Will never be on Pre-Order unless we run out of materials. We make these in house with high quality paper made locally! 

Metallic is currently on Pre-Order as we would love to offer it, but need to know if y'all are interested! Let us know by placing an order, and when we get enough, they will forever be in stock!


As long as the description or title has decal, you are able to put them on your car! If there is a sticker, it is not recommended for outdoor use (mini stickers for tensai would be an example of a sticker).

Pre-Orders (PO):

Will be shipped as soon as we receive products from production! Once we have them in stock, we will remove (Pre-Order) from product title. 

The wait time may vary from product to product. Expect a max amount of 2-3 months. (It will most likely be sooner)

Future Plans:

We want to bring y'all more products including flags, desk mats, acrylic wall art/blocks, keychains and more! 


We do not accept returns


All purchases are final