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Aqua Tattoo Decal (PO)

Aqua Tattoo Decal (PO)

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Artist: TensaiTattoo

About the Decal:

  • 5" tall
  • white border
  • gloss finish
  • UV and Water resistant
  • Die-Cut


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Where Do I put It?

These stickers are perfect for weebing out your laptop, phone, computer, and more!

Feel free to send us pictures on Instagram of where you put your stickers!

All stickers will be for indoor use only until we can get UV protected stickers. As we receive them, we will put "UV Resistant" in the item descriptions.

How Long Until I Get It?

This item is a PREORDER meaning it will take longer than the other in stock items.

Fear not, If it has been about one month since you have placed your order and we still have not sent you your order, we will get them elsewhere as the manufacturer we chose is being too slow. (you are the priority!)

Once we have the items the product will no longer be perorder and can be shipped as soon as possible. (Usually between 2-4 days)

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